Friday, January 24, 2014

Eye Opening Day for Rosey's Puppies!

            For those who think I didn’t get past Day 1 with whole blogging commitment, well, I did. I just accidentally created a new blog account as opposed to a new post. (Did I mention I’m technically challenged?) Not to inundate you with two blogs this day, I’m inserting yesterday’s into the lineup (or at least I think I am. Anymore I’m not so sure.)
What I AM sure of, is that far more important things were happening yesterday, not the least of which involved Rosey’s pups.
Rosey, for those of you not following my FB posts, is one of two Great Pyrenees here on the farm. First rule of thumb: everyone and everything on a farm has a job. Rosey and her brother TJ watch out for the goats, although here of late, Rosey’s mostly watching out for her puppies. (And no, TJ is not the father. He’s the uncle.)
So while spending more time than I’d care to admit figuring out blog posting 101, miracle moments that only happen once were transpiring in my basement as Rosey’s puppies, for the very first time, opened their little puppy eyes!
I tried to put myself in their paws. I mean, what must they be thinking? They’re in this bright yellow room, with stuffed toys and pee-stained towels. They’d recognize their mother anywhere as she’s been licking them head to toe from the second they were born, but what’s with this other creature? She has no fur. She’s missing two legs. She brings no milk. I tried to explain as I made first time eye contact with each, one by one, that “People and puppies are pals!” and “Don’t be scared, I’m here to help!” I showed them our opposable digits, helpful for opening cans and Beggin’ Strip bags --things they’ll appreciate once they get off the teat. I assured them their only job for now was to be adorable and remind us all that unconditional love really does exist; it comes in the form of a puppy. I’d like to think the sound of my voice conveyed what words could not, but it was hard to tell. Mostly they grunted and looked confused.
As I watched them stagger about (their eyes working fine, but their legs still wobbly) I was struck once again by the “now” of this miracle moment. It also occurred to me that I’ve been living on a pass these first two weeks. Till now, Rosey’s been in charge of everything from feeding to clean up, but now that they’re wobbling about, I’ll have additional duties (make that “doodies”) to add to my daily To Do (Do) list.
But these things don’t matter when you’re cuddling a baby puppy seeing the world for the first time. 

Amazing game plan you got there, God, having us fall in love with something so adorable that we’ll ignore the crap we know lies ahead just to savor such moments. 

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