Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Whatever Happened to Hix? (The Hix Update)

     Having spent hours doing research (both on Pyrs in particular, and anger issues in dogs in general) ...having had lengthy conversations with vets I respect and fellow Pyr owners who like me, have raised the breed, lived with the breed and know this breed inside and out, the prognoses for dealing in one starting to show aggression run vast and deep.
     I was, three days ago, actually looking to find another farm for Hix ... (something I have NEVER in my life done, and something I would likely need counseling for if I chose to do so now, so unimaginable is it to me to give away willingly, something I love this much), but fear being what it is and a dog this size being capable of things I do not know, the most important thing I knew to do is pray...And so I have...Long and hard.
     For now, my update is this:
     Hix's challenges are understandable. He outgrew the alpha in our lot and is confused as to why the biggest dog shouldn't win. It was never my intention to keep him in the same pen with another male forever (TJ) ...He was to have his own herd someday.  That is my intention still.
     For now, Hix is a HUGE dog who has his moments; he has been particularly aggressive when new goat babies arrive. In hindsight I get that... Hix spotted things I as a human did not spot; that danger (the buzzard) put him on high alert.
     But at the end of the day Hix is family. He's my boy. I did not plan to keep him from the beginning, but life (God/Universe...call it what you will) had a different plan, and Hix is here for a reason.
     So with that, I have decided...real love doesn't quit when the going gets tough. We don't toss him out because he spooked me a bit. TO the contrary, that's when I need to love him more.
     I recall once volunteering in a kindergarden class. I was reading Dr. Seuss to the kids, when a little  pudgy boy in the back, turned bratty. He was pulling a little girl's hair. He was making all sorts of commotion. Personally, I wanted to thump his head like my daddy would've done me. At the very least I thought he should be in time-out... But then, a most unusual thing happened.
     The teacher, who was in the back of the room, saddled up beside this child, pulling him gently in her lap and started to rock him. At first the kid resisted, but then, slowly, he put his head on her shoulder and his thumb in his mouth. He was quiet for the rest of the read.
     As I packed up to leave (the kids now coloring) the teacher stepped over to thank me and plan our next visit..and I HAD to ask her "What in the world inspired you to do THAT of all things?" Her reply? He's new to this class. His mom's a single mom going through a rough patch...She's moved him three times in the last year. He's yet to form bonds or friendships...He doesn't know anyone, and he trusts even less.  His acting out is his cry for attention. Sure, I could've stuck him in the hallway, but that is more of what he's already feeling. What he really needs is love.
     That lesson has stuck with me for years...Isn't that true for EVERY life situation?
     When it comes to Hix, I'm taking that lesson to heart....applying it to my own situation.
     Hix. You're a good boy. And just like the rest of us, you have your moments, (don't we all). But real love doesn't give up, furthermore we're not going to let the fear win. You are loved. And I know you love me. So we're in this together Hix. You're my buddy. You're my boy. You're family. And family doesn't give up on family. We just don't.


  1. Awwww...I NOW have a GF who will be coming from California to live with me...She absolutely ADORES Pyrs...we Plan on finding a farm and raising Pyrs, goats, sheep and horses...now that I have someone to help me...she lives and works on her brother's farm in Cali...If we were set up in time, I would take Hix...

  2. Isn't it amazing how love always wins out in tug-o-wars against logic and reason? Love becomes your Ace, trumping all other cards in the card game of life. Nothing beats the power of an Ace, nor the persuasion of love. God gave us a heart to help us function for survival and a conscience to regulate our Inner feelings. Not everyone obeys, but the heart commands each of us to always apply the tender component known as compassion. For those who express it the rewards are many. The trees appear to be greener, the sky bluer, and the joy of happiness more expressive. It is undeniably magic. And the spark is not limited to men and women, it is just as evident between people and animals. Pets become regarded as important members of our families and share a large chunk of our hearts. So, welcome home Hix, welcome home.

  3. Good girl, I agree 100%, not that my opinion maters. Dogs understand and process differently than we do sometimes but deserve understanding and love. A bit of confusion and over reaction can be dealt with, you will know when it gets beyond that.

  4. Perfect lesson and easier with our 4 legged friends than our 2 legged counterparts. If anyone can make it work you can. Sending love for you so you don't run out before you gI've it all away.