Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The World to Come

      When I took on the self-induced commitment of a daily blog, some questioned my sanity, after all, my life was pretty full to start and that was before adding “learn to farm” to the mix.
Fortunately, I wake around 4 am, which works for blogging, as I’m already in reflection mode anyway.
            This morning I slept til 8, as I didn’t get to bed til 2. Yesterday was a long one, culminating with my standard Monday evening commitment (in the winter months) of working with the homeless via Room in the Inn. Last night was particularly busy, given the dramatic temperature drop, and by the time I got back home, I got to do more of the same reinforcing goats and dogs with extra heat lamps, electric water buckets and the like, so it was rather late when I hit the hay myself.
            I was also late awakening, because I was having a dream about my high school classmates and a reunion (which we aren’t due to have for a few years). My class (Friendship Christian School) was small and particularly close given the newness of the school. We’ve now gone our separate ways, though I think we all recognize our bond as something special. This was the essence of my dream.
            In my dream, we were in a different city. The reunion had ended, but none of us wanted to leave. One of our classmates (the one who happens to run a feed store in real life-- know who you are) had taken charge to see that we were able to stay (wherever we were) and had thought ahead securing food and shelter for us all. (We were not in a bunker, mind you. We were in a modern city, and the food he had was lasagna, not raw farm veggies, but he had a lot of it. I view these things symbolically.)
            We were pondering life, talking about the deeper stuff, just wanting to “be” in this place of reflection, I was mindful it would not have been possible had someone not thought ahead for us. (I also recall the cable being out, which is probably because I fell asleep reading a book by Ruth Montgomery saying that we’re facing a global shift and when it happens, the way we communicate will change, but that comes later.)
            Much as I have on my agenda for the day, I had to stop and write it all down, as I know dreams this vivid are begging for my attention.
            More than any specific earth warning, my takeaway interpretation is, again, the meek are gonna inherit this thing. The farmers, the thoughtful ones…the ones who act, not out of fear, but out of love to see that their fellow human beings are surviving will be our leaders.
            By no means was my reason for launching this blog done with Chicken Little in mind.  My honest intention for starting this thing is to share what I’m learning by asking every stupid question in the book of farmers and those doing it now. Did I subconsciously think it wouldn’t hurt to know how to live off the land should a catastrophe occur? Sure. Who doesn’t? But that was not my focus…That said…an odd pattern is developing here. . .
Today marks day 7…one full week I’ve been at this blog thing. Granted, while January is hardly planting season for a garden, it IS planning season. Yet I cannot tell you how many responses from just FB friends alone are asking if I’m planning for end times.  (Sorry, I‘ve yet to figure out the “comments” button  on the blog itself, so if you’ve responded, sit tight. If you can’t respond…well, we’re working on that.)
            My mother for instance, (notorious for forwarding cute animal pictures, and barely able to find my blog) forwards a statistical kinda email about army rations being the number one stockpile-able item these days.
            In casual conversation, a friend shares he keeps water and same said rations under his staircase and has emergency plans for his mother and 100 year old grandmother, which they talk about on a regular basis.
            But when (totally unrelated to the blog) I was introduced to a rather influential business man who shared with me that he had known Ruth Montgomery personally, reminding me of her predictions of a global shift, I dug out the book he was referencing and gave it a re-read.
            Ruth Montgomery, for those who are not familiar, was a highly read political columnist in the 40s…a deeply respected journalist steeped in world affairs and politics. When introduced to famed medium Arthur Ford (yes, like Teresa of Long Island fame only in Ford’s day there were no reality shows…just séances) Ruth was a skeptic, being one trained in verifying facts. But when she agreed to cover Ford as a matter of journalistic investigation, her life changed forever. Her father came through with info only he and she knew; Ford became her mentor, and with guides from the other side, she was instructed to change her journalistic focus as she began to write of past lives and days to come.
Opening herself to the world of spirit Ruth became one of the most respected writers to ever address the unknown. She was a significant part of my own career as it was her interview done by Teddy Bart on his brainchild show “Beyond Reason” that led me to talk radio. (A show I miss to this day. A show that was before its time, and a show created by one of the most brilliant talents to ever grace a microphone-- a blog for another day.)
            In her book The World to Come, Ruth speaks of a planetary shift that will result from the earth tipping on its polar axis. With weather changes, polar ice melts, and shifting tides of heavy water changing the weight of this wobbling ball we all ride, Ruth’s guides say it’s coming, and when it does, the world as we know it will change forever, AND (major note) change for the good.
            (FYI, for the religious amongst us, some believe this is precisely what happened with Noah’s flood-- that too, was the result of a polar shift, whereby the earth was literally baptized anew.)
            According to Ruth, the earth will be cleansed. Many will cross over, but since souls never die, this is not so much a cataclysm as a revival. Those remaining on the planet will experience an inner shift in consciousness.  Wars will be a thing of the past as humans will now value, cherish and preserve our planetary resources. We’ll lean on each other to survive. “Busy hands will replace idle chatter.” Ruth writes. And while some worry as to how we’ll communicate when the grid goes down, Ruth says it won’t matter as our telepathic abilities will be fully engaged. (In short, we’ll have tapped that other 90-95% of our brain matter that we’ve yet to figure out what it’s there for.)
            But of utmost importance according to Ruth, we are not to fear. Life goes on be it this world or the next. Material possessions will relinquish their hold over us. Our spiritual well-being and that of mankind will replace our competitive, animalistic, warring nature.
            How this relates to a first time farmer’s blog is this: Ruth writes, “For those who wish to remain in flesh, now is the time to acquire seeds, staples, tools, safe housing and the like.” And to me, that’s just common sense. You don’t need to be an end-of-time conspiracy theorist to know this is just good planning, so for that reason, this blog exists.
            As we say in talk radio, “Stay tuned.”

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