Saturday, January 9, 2016

Video Blogging 101

     It would help when posting about a new venture into the world of blogging, to POST said video ... (yes, we actually hit a wrong button, which I am only now seeing)

     To make better sense of the afore mentioned (so called) feral cat blog ... I offer you 2 versions of what was meant to be a first... ( video attempt)

Next up -- video editing, and/or updating all systems (which I loathe as I shall lose several days figuring out where the Apple people moved everything)

     (Let us see if THIS allows the clips to show...If not, perhaps I'm best returning to long hand, written journal formats ...)

(Post Script: Rule changes and upgrades are easily lost on one not so technically inclined...Will consult my tech-y-'r friends tomorrow to figure out where all the other video posts of days past went...(Clearly, going forward, all must route through YouTube...that is, assuming the two above actually show up. I won't know until I back out and start again as a viewer.)

While grateful for technological advances, being force to upgrade sucks as there's  not a lot of excess time in our days as it is to stop and figure out what they assure us they've done to save us yet more time~  (which seldom if ever it does) ...Hoping these clips post... (And apologies if perhaps, for some of you, they posted twice. I can't see it from my end until I back out and start again, as clearly things I can see quite clearly in preview...don't make the final scene for you, the viewer.)

Going forward perhaps I'm best to stick to the written word accompanied with the occasional still shot ~ (assuming they haven't forced an upgrade there as well...)

Dear Lord, I miss analog.

So much for my simplified life :)


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