Friday, July 31, 2015

Must Love Creating

(I can't tell you. It's a SUR-prize, SUR-prize, SUR-prize!)
     So I know I'm creative, but either I'm contagious or you just have to be creative to live on my street... (might be something in the water?)
     As if it weren't enough that I have the greatest neighbors in the world...
     --neighbors who know how to fix things...
     --neighbors who'll share their tools, or better yet, do it for me while they're out bush hogging' their own...
     I also happen to have very smart neighbors...very crafty...very creative neighbors...Neighbors who are good with math and figuring things out; neighbors with jigsaws who aren't afraid to use 'em!
      Cracks me up that one of my sweet neighbors went out and found a project all by himself that is so cute I can hardly stand it! (File this under: be careful what you ask for! If it turns out like I think it will, you're gonna want one too, I guarantee it!)
      You'll just have to stay tuned...
      (Don't want to spoil the surprise!)

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