Monday, March 3, 2014

Now Comes TJ's Turn...

For weeks now you’ve patiently allowed me the emotional saga of watching Rosey in all her maternal glory going through all the things a mother dog goes through in bringing her babies to the world.
You’ve allowed me the pictures…the life lessons…the many emotions. From the moment they were born til now heading to new homes to guard critters on farms all their own, Rosey’s  pups have tugged at my shirt, my coveralls and my heartstrings, reminding me daily of the true meaning of unconditional love, which you have graciously allowed me to share with you as best a girl can from start til now…
            Meanwhile, with estrogen flowing at an all time high around here, God’s sense of timing  (if not humor) …reigns supreme.
For no sooner do the last of the pups get spoken for, do I received a message today from one I had spoken to weeks ago about his own beloved girl (name is Lilly)…who is, shall we say, about to go through what Rosey's just been through provided we find her a boyfriend. The message from God here clearly-- to remind that karma (if not journalism) insists on the counterbalance of every story for “Now comes TJs turn…”
Feeling like some Yenta the matchmaker for dogs I eagerly say “Please. Come. By all means, TJ is due his moment…We welcome Lilly with open paws. I promise to put little eye masks over pups and goats when things turn amorous.”
So from the snowy drives of Tennessee, with temps too cold to navigate… while I was hoping to be sharing my gardening pre-game about now, I find myself bracing for “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. Come weekend, we’ll be covering dog-rearin’ 101, otherwise known as “Life and love from TJs perspective”~
 No doubt all stories have 2 sides…A Yin and a Yang to every life form under the sun. Well, now it’s TJs turn and my own journalistic challenge to convey TJs male version of these facts of life, which I promise to report tastefully, if not briefly, as he encounters his match made in heaven.
For Lilly~ May your journey be as joyful. For now, let's just say: TJ eagerly awaits your arrival~

             Life in the country…Never a dull moment.

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