Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things That Go "Bark" in the NIght~

      The only time it's proper to call your neighbors after midnight, is when everyone's dogs are going off, equally loud...equally panicked....all at the same time.
      To reinforce the same Southernly custom, the only other time it's ok to call neighbors, even at the risk of waking them, is when a stranger drives down your drive after midnight (as in the country, this'll get you shot) and gets out of a truck (when you haven't a clue who said person is)...and heads towards your door (after midnight...without having called anyone first...not exactly a smart move).
      To whoever it was...Meet TJ. Meet the neighbors. Meet the floodlights. Meet the gun training.
      I know coon hunting takes place at night; and I'm sorry your dog picked my back yard in which to tree one, but if you were from here you'd know you'd better call first...if not me, then someone who knows me...especially at this hour.
      We may be friendly in the South, but I wouldn't advise walking down a stranger's drive if we don't know you. (The good news is, I had neighbors from 3 different houses on the scene within 3 minutes...We don't normally choose midnight for our social visits, but it does go to show how life works out here in the country...In case I didn't mention it, I've got the best neighbors in the world.  We take that "neighborhood watch" thing to a whole new level.)
      Reason #486 for why I love living in the country...Neighbors watch out for each other.
      Meanwhile, I haven't a clue what that guy's dogs were named, but I'm contemplating naming my next two Smith and Wesson.

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