Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Of Hospitals, Doctors and All Things (Western) Medicine

Not at all sure one can write from a hospital room. (I’m feeling rather stymied myself.) The good news is, what energies remain after this long day, are going towards healing (for this we are grateful).
My thanks to those who’ve sent prayers. Happy to report my mother is re-couping nicely after her surgery today. I marvel at the latest advances in science and medicine. I truly do. But I must say, I also marvel at the Western world’s approach to these matters, which is, for the most part, to cut out what is troublesome and work around the rest. (As one dealing in Eastern medicine for a back ailment…the whole body approach is something I’m more and more intrigued with, as my own approach, minus cutting into the body, is likewise working.)
I’m too tired to elaborate here.
The purpose of this post is to say Thank you friends and Thank you God.
I’ll save the political East/West, Yin/Yang commentary for a more rested day.
Til then, God bless us everyone...For another day of living...Another shot at life.

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