Monday, March 3, 2014

Of Farming and Oscars

No doubt this will be my shortest blog yet, which is to say there is zilch in common between farming and Oscars (except for that year that Dorothy's house blew away, or the year Gone With the Wind won a bunch…but I digress.)

All this to say, this is the first year I’ve watched even a part of the Oscars having seen absolutely none of the movies nominated.  (“None” as in “Farming leaves precious little time for things like movies." If I’ve seen none since farming, Thurman’s seen fewer still…)

Still and so, the pageantry goes on; celeb watching—our national pastime.
Unless (again) you live on a farm, in which case the animals alone entertain; the challenges of neighbors up and down your lane make far better drama and the thought of watching someone else make a go of their life, while you have your own to live, is simply unheard of and out of the question.

(But didn’t Ellen do a nice job?)

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