Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inspiration Shared

     I'm often asked about my church....(not the one I live in, but the place I worship...the faith I hold... the tenets I subscribe to as part of a larger worship experience...)
     Growing up in the South,  I'm the product of a Church of Christ father and Southern Baptist mother (faiths I revere to this day; memories from each, I deeply cherish). Today I practice a faith known as Religious Science, wherein affirmative prayer is central, faith and belief are key and walking your talk is the best way to inspire others if inspiring is your thing.
     I'm not the type to brow beat, nor do I insist you believe as I do, though it has been my personal experience and observation that if your faith is working for you, people will know it simply by the way you live your life (i.e. no pamphlets necessary).  Recently I've been a tad more vocal about things of a spiritual nature owing to some very close friends undergoing some seriously trying times, for which prayers (if you're the praying type) are the kindest gift you can offer, so I've openly asked.
     I believe we all need reminding...A little inspiration can go a long way in the day to day of this earthly, worldly life, especially on those days when things aren't coming up peaches and cream.
     Along those lines I share a message posted by a friend of mine...a video/audio of Dr. Michael Beckwith of the Agape church in LA ~ The music is beautiful if you have the time to hear it. Otherwise, his message starts about 45 minutes in if you want to jump ahead.
     Arrived on a day when I needed to hear it...Perhaps it will prove timely for you as well. (Timing being a God thing, not a human, logic thing...) Blessings~

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