Saturday, June 6, 2015

On the 8th Day God Made Steroids

Gotta admit, never saw this as my future...
But if it's true, we get more of what we subsidize,
So be it.
I'm becoming an animal hos-ka-tittle ...
The things that sustain me, not only comfort me...
They strengthen me.

     No sooner do we get Layla on the mend, does Minsky take a turn. Over the past few weeks she's developed a horrible hack of a cough that turns into spasms, sounds from which will make your sides hurt. First thought: fur ball. As it deepens, you Google.
     My friends voted: allergies, something I'm blissfully ignorant about as she nor I have ever experienced these (thank God). Still I know there's a first time for everything. Just wasn't aware what to watch for.
     At 15 years she can't see well, can't hear doodley squat and has a dislocated disc. I am keenly aware of the aging process and can do math in dog years. That said, her sniffer and pooper work fine and she loves to eat, so we will ride this thing through the end. My commitment to her: no pain/no suffering. My co-pilot through thick and thin, Minks is also my first time experience with a little dog. She and her twin brother Ike, (who passed a few years back) were rescues from a puppy mill bust in 2000. Before her I had huskies. Here lately it's been all Pyrs all the time.
     You hate to admit money's even a factor, then again my line item for vet bills has been a little off the charts this season. As a hopeful preventive I gave her half a Benedryl. Knocked her out for an hour; but by dark she's hacking all over again, her misery, breaking my heart. (For the record, Googling in times like these is both blessing and a curse. Symptoms ranged everywhere from kennel cough to congestive heart failure. Given the latter was even on the list, this was no time to take a chance.)
     So I feed the goats...feed big dogs...tell Layla to hang tight. I call to warn 'em I'm coming and swoop up Minks. Last clients standing, we await test results as they're closing down the hospital for the weekend.
    $200 in X-rays and 3 'scripts later, we are home. Diagnosis: collapsing trachea, made frail from incessant coughing due to some respiratory allergy of unknown origin. For this we get cough suppressants, pain meds and steroids. (Good news is her heart is good, then again, Minks always did have a good heart...Heck, if it's blessed every time someone says "Bless it" that alone would keep her going for years. Always wonder if those who post "Praying for you" really take the time to do so. Words are cheap after all, and they're free on Facebook.  Right now we're feeling the love. You folks who said it, must've meant it.)
     Given we didn't walk out with the worst case scenario, I take her through a drive through and thank God for one more day.
    As for Minks, she is peacefully sleeping right now.  I 'paws' in heartfelt thanks to let you know we are very grateful.
    Love your families... Don't take one single moment for granted.

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