Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Lessons of Layla


     Last week, goodbye to Minsky...This week, goodbye to Layla. As obvious as it would seem you'd keep one to replace the other, it doesn't work that way...What's more, for all Layla's been through, she's in need of her own brand of attention...Therapy walks for her leg, now with steel rod removed...Lots of space to run, a yard of her own without big dogs intimidating her. Someone to give her undivided attention and a forever home of love.
     Will it be sad? You betcha. Not only have I grown to love this girl, I've grown to admire her. Her strength in healing, her determination and focus in overcoming the pain....She is my hero in these, but most of all it's her faith and her trust that I marvel at most...Time after time I've tried to imagine the fear, her unknowns...her future in God's hands...her care left to the kindness of strangers.  From her perspective I can only imagine...each stage brought a different twist... unknown settings, unknown people...
     First a broken leg...the excruciating pain...Will I limp this way forever? Will I lose my leg entirely? And who will love me then? Who will take care of me? What if I can't protect myself if I need to run and hide?
     Next thing, someplace strange...Were you getting rid of me? Did I do bad? I tried to be good...oh please don't leave me. It made me shake and cry. Next thing I know I'm in a strange room, lots of lights, feeling drowsy. I wake up to a cold, steel rod coming out of my hip...What is this? Things were bad they're worse! I walk worse, I sit worse. What is happening to me?
     Then the crate...the dreaded crate! Days and days in dog years in that crate. Am I being punished? World's longest time out...How much longer? What comes next? Will I never run again? Tight quarters. Short walks. Some dogs like me, one dog hates me. I lose my little bud, Minka...
     I'm trying so hard to be good...I'll do anything, ANYTHING, just don't leave me...Who would take care of a broken dog? Who will keep me fed? Who will me love? Please promise me it's going to get better. I promise to be good

     Yes, Layla. I promise you all these things. That you've been here through some of the deepest losses of my life these past 8 weeks, is not lost on me. God must've thought we needed each other...I not only got an angel, I got a daily reminder of what real faith looks like every time I looked in your eyes. Layla girl, you've touched a lot of hearts...and you'll forever be in mine. We've got a lot of folks to thank...and you've got a lot of folks who love you. For a little girl with a broken leg, you sure pack a lot of lessons and love.
     You will be missed like you won't believe,  but you will be loved like never before. The life that awaits is ready to spoil you rotten. You'll be safe. You'll be loved....and you'll never go hungry again. I promise.
     I love you Layla, and will miss you with all my heart...But I will never forget the gift of YOU in my life...God never gives us more than we can handle they say...Guess that's why he sent me you. Thank you for your presence in my life. You have touched my heart at depths I didn't know existed...and I'll always cherish you Layla, girl with the forever smile~

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