Wednesday, February 26, 2014


            So I gave up mornin’ tv. And my life is better for it. It’s hump-day and so far I’ve gotten more done in half a week than I have in the past 6 as far as work goes. (Also probably helped that a few pups have left and the ones still here are outside practicing their goat-guardin’ skills; my guilt factor alone is relieved knowing each morning I no longer have to race to get them out of the basement~)
            I must confess…
            Television snuck back in (is “snuck” a word?) Only it “snuck” back in on the other side of the day…which is to say Late Night….
            Granted I have plenty of justifications:
1)   I gave up morning Tv. This shouldn’t count.
2)   It’s end of day. I’ve earned it.
3)   I’m working with television folks these days; keeping up with what else is happening is part of the game.

But bottom line: It still feels like cheatin’. The ultimate goal is silence and books, after all, Thoreau would not be doing this.

However, while I’m here, may I just say (observe/critique) … “Go Nashville!”

I know there are a slew of new late night talk shows. Personally, I adore Jimmy Falon (though I personally feel the Tonight Show should always come from LA) …I likewise, find Seth Meyers to be very quick witted. But beyond these talents, what I am noting most of all is the Nashville talent that is bombarding their musical line ups~

It’s like that Southern wind that sings again (an island lullaby) to tune in and find Dierks on Jimmy’s show followed by Brad (ie Paisley) on Seth’s, and realize “They like us. They really like us!”

Of course, I’m not surprised. What’s not to like? Why the only thing better than Southern living is Southern music (and right after that, Southern cooking…And goodness knows, we got that too J)

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