Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Openings & Travel

I went to bed watching the opening ceremonies... Woke up watching more of the same. In between I dreamt of Russia …All I know is that the past 12 hours concerned me more than any in a long while, as seeing all that foreign turf made me wonder just how I would deal with travel in the year ahead….
(or in my case, the lack thereof, as farming doesn't allow for vaca's)

Long story short: I ain’t goin’ nowhere for awhile.

For a girl who’s actually been to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) …One who’s walked those Russian streets, seen the insides of the Hermitage (the original one…not AJ's house here in Tennessee) …it was a lonely, sad kinda winter night as I watched those ceremonies, summing up 1000 years in a three minute break.

God knows I love to travel.

Ever since I graduated from college, I made a commitment to myself to take one trip abroad per year. More than a couple of years, I've made it twice.

But not this year. Not last year either.

One doesn’t buy goats, breed dogs, grow plants and expect to go anywhere anytime soon.

This and this alone may be the toughest part of farming to me -- No traveling for now kid.

The rest, I adore. This week in particular, is primo reason for loving it….Tough, yes, but worth every minute. Still and so -- someday...

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