Monday, February 17, 2014

P to the 3 (Puppies & Peoples 'r Pals...OK?)

My Mantra This Day...(Spoken into the noses of each little pup: "Remember Our Mantra? Puppies & People are Pals, OK? Puppies & People are Pals..." Best spoken three times each with rubber boot heels clicked somewhere in between_.)

All of this to say...

More than one person is having second thoughts about taking their puppies ....(now that it's becoming real, what it takes to take a puppy)

Excuse #1 "My outside critters aren't quite ready for the extras..."

Excuse #2  "My husband didn't withhold our taxes..."

Excuse #3  "We're 2 more weeks til renovations are done...and then..."

For me? I'm rethinking this whole "Create your own reality" thing ...Maybe this whole power of thought thing works...After all, I've been saying for the past three how I've dreaded this one. Maybe I manifested my own reality...What if I willed my babies all right here back home with me forever...?

Secondary thought: At least these folks (who fell in love instantly with the adorable parts, are now recognizing the very real realities of the which case, best we know now...)

Third round of thinking: There is clearly something else going on here...

I have opted to release no pups before week 8.



We have a bit more releasing to do.


You're safe to roam about the planet another night...

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