Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't Envy This

I woke up early this morning and decided to post the last thing I was working on yesterday before the second goat-baby hit…

It was a slide show I’d been making of the puppies…pictures for which, moved me to tears, realizing once they find their new homes, these moments would never be mine again.

This ‘aha’ was interrupted by a goat lying flat on her back, four legs up in the air…clearly in distress. Turns out she was giving birth (they normally don’t go all 4 legs up, but she got off balance). I raced out the door just in time to see two little hooves struggling to get out. As is fast becoming my instinct these days, I grabbed what was to grab and gave it my best mid-wifery tug. In seconds, (despite the slime) a precious, perfect, angel of a goat was born. (I say Angel literally, as she had wings painted on her sides as the pictures will attest).

This morning when I went back to post yesterday’s puppy pictures I noted a comment on my FB page, which read: “I want to come live with you.” There was a second one following the angel goat’s birth that read: “I adore your peaceful life.”

Such moments of goat births and puppy videos, yes, are worthy of their ooohs and ahhhs. But lest I don’t convey the other times with slide shows, there are other moments that are as disheartening as the picture perfect ones are heartening.

After all, I don’t post the pictures of the babies that did not make it…I’m starting to process these things through blogs, yes, but out of decency, I dare not post post-mortem pictures.

I have yet to post the autopsy report of a goat whose heart failed after losing her twins at birth. (It’s not that I’m trying to hide it, so much as I’m trying to cope with it.)

There is a fine line between being selective and being honest…I can only pray that you, the reader, will appreciate my attempts at modesty for when it comes to public posts on FB pages, I wish only to uplift. But if for a second this be interpreted as me not experiencing the sadder sides to this story, please know it is not my intention to mislead.

The good, the bad, the ugly…life contains all three.

To me, it’s where we focus our tomorrows as to how the story plays out.

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