Friday, February 28, 2014

For Bella~

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. . .
(For anyone under 20, I didn’t invent that… instead, credit is due Charles Dickens who penned the words some 150 years ago in the opening of his classic “Tale of Two Cities”).
Still and so, the juxtapositioning kinda sums up my world today…I credit Rosey for providing the wisdom in times like these. (Then again, isn’t this what dogs are for?)
It all started when (last week) I began embracing seriously the topic of placing Rosey’s pups -- plan at the time being to find home for all 7.  I have since decided to keep one pup as Rosey’s companion, appropriately named (by my little friend Addison) “Rosebud” …for she is just that: Rosey's bud.
The first to encounter (and then resist) embracing a new pup or two was a couple quite familiar with the breed. Pyrenees need lots of room to roam, fyi; and then they need fences to keep them from roaming too much. These two were dog nuts with settings resembling those you see on the opening to the TV show, Dallas.Yep. These puppies were in for a really good life.
Pictures of their last fur-babies (I think at one point they had 5) graced walls and desks…Classic dog people. Their only hesitation? “We’re not sure we can endure the pain of the loss.”
It’s a state every dog person knows too well. To anticipate the end it is not uncommon when allowing yourself to fall in love all over again with a pup. Back and forth our conversations went; but by yesterday, it was agreed. They would take 2 and I would babysit when they traveled (as they live nearby). Come Sunday they would come pick up their babies.
On the other end of the emotional scale, my friend Dave, lost his girl Bella of 16 + years last week, thus living the very pain my other friends were thinking through in their pup decision. If/when ready, he was due a puppy fix, even if only for a visit.
Dave and I have always shared our pups. Minks loves him like her own (and he her). Bella was my girl too.
Never knowing quite how or when or what to say when one loses their best friend of that many years, all I could say was “Come see Rosey’s pups….Whenever it’s right…”
So my morning started with a call from those originally hoping to resist pain saying “Can we come fetch our babies early?” (After all, when it comes to puppies, why postpone even one day of joy?) This was followed by one newly raw to the pain who brought his baby, in a box, to experience and share in the newness of life…(as Bella loved nothing more than a romp on the farm).
Thanks to the innocence of puppies…both found healing in the love from critters who have no clue that blogs or all this thinking even exists (for puppies, as we know, live in the present...Their job? To bring joy, happiness and love.) Which is precisely why we love 'em so...
I dedicate this one to Dave’s baby, Bella~who was my baby too…

And to those everywhere who dare to love again~
Bella girl, thank you for your beautiful life and all the love you brought us.
Here’s knowing your Spirit lives forever…
You're a good grrrl.

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