Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day in the Life of . . .

Lest you think it’s all roses all the time (or in my case, “All ROSEY all the time”), just know I live my life at the brink of that state we call “overwhelm” most days. It tends to hit mid morning…By mid afternoon, I’m able to release it faster as I start to accept what is and isn’t going to get done, but suffice it to say, the feeling comes in waves.

Between said waves, well, that’s when the work gets done. It starts with the sense of “I’m pretty certain this can’t all get done in a day” and it ends with a cold, stark wake up at 2 am thinking, “Did I remember to blog?” (having collapsed on the couch from utter exhaustion).

The good news is: a lot gets accomplished.

The better news comes when I have those moments in between that remind me that it was all worthwhile. In today’s case, it came in those still, small moments, such as when the sleet quit long enough for a barn to get offloaded, or when two puppies actually hit the paper when they pee’d or finding little Angel goat (after 20 minutes of panic) who had tucked herself neatly up under the floor of her house to avoid the slobber of TJ. These sorts of moments mean the world.

As to the former, it was a productive day to say the least. Morning routines consist of feeding umpteen critters (pausing to pick up a few, pet a few, photograph a few, talk to all). Today’s extra bonus activity came when a much awaited barn got delivered, (a topic I shall elaborate on later). Building a barn has been long on my list and will soon be part of the fun I share. But because things were getting cold and hay was getting wet, I simply bought one…One of those cute storage-y looking things; made by Mennonites. Its delivery is worth a blog unto itself, (complete with pictures, once I find my camera). Suffice it to say, the critters (and their hay) now have more room and my yard has an extra added bonus attraction, including another porch for goats to jump on.

From this, I confirmed meetings, packed the Jeep and ventured to Nashville, where packing 5 skids of books keeps things like storage barns paid for. (Thank God for you folks who love cookbooks. I’m chomping at the bit to get the third one out. Again, a topic for another blog.)

While packing over 300 cases of books on a loading dock beeping with tow motored vehicles and unit heaters, someone asks me “How many people work for your company?” to which I replied “You’re looking at her.” I say that, half kidding, as folks like Steve (the guy who asked) counts too, after all he was there on the dock to help me stack, pack and label cases for tomorrow’s shipment. (Lest this sound like complaining, it’s anything but. I thank God for these orders, and I rather enjoy packing them by hand. Keeps me mindful of the many steps in the delivery process...the trucking business being an industry I am utterly fascinated with.)

From here, I go to my video editing class in Nashville. (Examples of which shall be forthcoming, as we shift from written blog to video blog somewhere down the road, once I get a few more classes under my belt.)

On my way to my next appointment (in late rush hour traffic), I get a call from my friend Thurman back home, whose goat just had three babies (in the cold) and whose baby bottles I have borrowed. Thank God for cell phones. I reschedule my last meeting to race home to return said bottles with offers to help. (Cute as it sounds, nothing’s worse than having a goat mama who won’t feed or whose milk isn’t producing right. It makes for two – four times a day feedings (times the number of babies), the joys of which will fall to his wife, Miss Brenda.)

After this, another neighborly visit, (my other neighbor being 12-year-old Addison who, like me, is dreading seeing the puppies leave in another week, thus working in every minute she can, to max the love while it’s still available), and, well, I suppose I can forgive myself for falling asleep on the couch to the Olympic music, which, I must say, felt rather appropriate for my day.

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