Saturday, February 15, 2014

Circle of Life: The Recurring Role of Newspapers in My World

     It’s official. I’ve come full circle…(Kinda wanna hum the Lion King theme about now, but my day was hardly that Disney-esque …Still and so, I find the song deserving all the same.)
     Why? Because my mornings used to start with a bunch of newspapers strewn about…
     And today, my mornings begin with a bunch of newspapers strewn about…
     Once they were strewn on a round table; now they are strew beneath one.
     In each scenario, the papers were there to set the tone for my day's topic of thought and conversation. They were there (in their own way) to help me with the tasks before me...tasks that would be mine to clean up, clarify...define.
     As was then, is so now. Newspapers are once again a big part of my morning ritual; only where once they shaped the topics of a morning radio talk show, today they shape my morning's private thoughts as I enter a quieter day, starting with the pick up of things that fall to these papers overnight when left in a puppy's play room. 
     For what it's worth, I've read more newspaper news in these past 3 weeks than I have since I left the airwaves. But it did strike me as ironic while cleaning things this morning, that where once my life consisted of critiquing the news (the stories…the content…the coverage…) today, I'm critiquing the coverage still...Only today's critique is merely “What’s happened to our paper?”
     Having given up my newspaper subscriptions about the time I hung up my microphone, I asked my mom to save me her papers for the sake of the puppies.  (If only Mom’s paper had more “pulp” than the fiction, if you know what I mean.) The "advertising" to "real news" ratio is 3 - 1, easily...Possibly more. Where once we had bulk by way of the black and white pages, today's bulk comes in ad-slickened inserts, the likes of which netted me so little real paper that I had to reach into my overseas archives of papers bought back when I was in England for the royal wedding...(I can only pray Prince Wills and Kate will forgive me, but there honestly was not enough local news to go around.)

     Either way, I miss the coverage --(I'm talking news-wise as well as my floor.)
     Suffice it to say, the pups are less than happy about this as well. (For the record, the ad pages aren't cutting it...Nothing absorbing about them. Even puppies miss the real newspapers.)

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