Monday, February 10, 2014

I love you. I think you're special.

It's been one VERY long day.
Yet these are my last words as I wrap it...

I love you...I think you're special.

Spoken (no less)…to puppies...
Soon to leave…one by one.

I’m sure they don’t understand the language part.
But I’m convinced they feel the sincerity. I spoke the words each by each…To every puppy on the mattress.

Reason being…?
Less than 14 days have I to enjoy this precious, unconditional essence…their innocence... pure unconditional love. That I get to experience this for a few more days ... their gift to me.

If nothing else, I owe them…want to give back…breathe it into their little puppy nostrils…this breath of life that they embody and represent to me.

My prayer is that wherever they go… into new homes…new surroundings…new lives…
That their unconditional love be appreciated as it is here. Spirits like theirs are the reason people take puppies home in the first place.

To say a prayer and breathe life back into their lives…
It just seemed fair.

Here’s thanking God for the lives I’ve been blessed to share in, even for this short period… an extra dose of their own air, I give back to them. I pray they will go to new owners, new homes, new lives,
With all new depths of love~

But just to be sure, I prayed it into each little puppy’s face…looking each one in the eye, one at a time:

“I love you…I think you're special.”

(Wouldn't it be cool if every living creature started its day this way?)

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