Saturday, April 12, 2014

Throwback Weekend...

            Since next week is booked solid with starting a garden and filing taxes (not necessarily in that order) I gave myself a “get out of guilt free” card to unwind for the weekend, chalking it up to an extended birthday celebration.
No sooner had my college roomie hit the road, did my brother head this way from the big city of Brentwood. He’s a stock broker by profession (meaning he trades real stock, while I tend to livestock for a living…again, the contrasts in life paths and choices make for never a dull visit).
Harkening back to our earliest childhood memories, we got on a digging roll, starting first with basement boxes, later with those I’d stashed in the shed. Pulling everything from baby books to family photo albums to high school yearbooks, we spent literally hours going over the names, places and stories that served to shape us into the individuals we are today.
“A good time was had by all” as they say in the country, plus it all served to remind that when it gets down to it, life is not about what we do, accumulate or wear as titles for ourselves. Life comes in those in the stillest and smallest of moments when laughing, loving…sometimes even crying, serves to remind that we are more than just bodies having the occasional soulful experience.  Rather, we are souls, who take on these "earth suits" to learn from this classroom called “life” about what really matters most.
Of all the birthday presents anyone could give anyone, I’m reminded once again that being “present” is better than getting presents any day. Not only is it the best gift we can give another…It’s the one and only gift we can truly give ourselves.

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