Monday, April 14, 2014

When Creatives Convene (On God and Creativity)

“The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious.”                                    
                                         Albert Einstein

To me it is downright spiritual when writers get together to write, or musicians get together to jam or a bunch of entrepreneurial types get together to brainstorm a new idea. “Where two or more are gathered…” the scripture tells us, God’s on standby to join in, and I’ve noticed bigger things transpire (and transpire more quickly) when those 2 or more are mindful of the creative process (i.e. God) at work.
Whether praying for a friend or being receptive to a new idea coming through, my personal interpretation of the Omnipotent is synonymous with creativity, for there’s a synergy that takes hold at some point, that is greater than the energy of any one individual, and it doesn’t take a Picasso to tell you that this high is like none other.
Creativity, by my definition is taking something “from the invisible to the visible” or “from thoughts to things." It starts with a notion…an idea…a thought. That thought gets discussed with another (launching the whole “2 or more” equation)…From there the manifestation process takes hold and in ways that are totally mysterious, something manifests, or gets created.
Einstein once said he wanted to know the mind of God. The closest I’ve come to grasping that vast notion is when IN the flow of the creative process. To me, this IS God in motion and I don’t think this is something some of us have and others don’t. If we are made in the image God, then it stands to reason we are ALL creating ALL the time; the only difference lies in where we each individually choose to direct our currency. Some of us create cookbooks. Some create gardens. Some create music. Some create businesses. On the other side of the creative coin, some people worry (which is creativity in the negative). Some create drama. Some create problem after problem after problem. Whether you’re mindful of it or not, you’re doing it. Your life is one big creative event, ever happening, ever unfolding. Whether you wind up with a colorful masterpiece of a life or a dark and dingy scribble, you’re the pencil in the hand of God and the way you draw that picture is up to you.
To know God is to experience God as energy or “life force” as some call it, which to me is a creating proposition. Each day I wake up with some version of “Ok, God, what are we creating today?” Some days it’s as simple as a clean kitchen or a balanced checkbook. In other words, not every creative endeavor comes out the Mona Lisa.
When meeting someone for the first time, and hoping to know them better, you look at where they’ve invested their own supply of God-given energy. You look at their jobs…their family…material things they’ve surrounded themselves with, be it books, clothes, cars, d├ęcor. By the same notion, if I want to know what God’s all about, I would (in the words of Maria) “Start at the very beginning” which, to quote the Bible is: “In the beginning, God created…”  (After that little opening insight, the book is filled with one creative happening after another from world to sun to moon to stars, to animals, then humans, who beget humans whose creative stories just go on and on.)

I don’t sit and ponder the mind of God like Einstein did, but I do marvel at the many displays of how God rolls. I see creativity oozing from each and every life I encounter (be it human or animal or plant); when it comes to experiencing the Divine in my everyday life, there’s living proof everywhere I look.

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