Monday, April 7, 2014

When Days Turn Out Opposite the Plan

            Was a slow one…a foggy one…a grey one. But in no way did I see this one coming.
It started slower than usual. I blamed it on the drizzle. Thought of that Karen Carpenter song… 
Then again, it coulda been a little too much birthday…
This too, made me ponder…Could she have gotten into the cake?
But when Minks threw up for a third time, I grew a little more than worried. She hadn’t had that much for breakfast…and I confirmed it had not been the cake. But by the time she hit round eight of the heaves, I knew something was terribly wrong. I had a flash back to the one time I'd had food poisoning, and began retracing our steps.
Not sure what people did before google. Then again, some days I’m fairly certain, googling is not always a good thing…But based on my girl’s symptoms, it was best to play it safe, for there was no good answer… “Get your dog to the emergency room immediately if you see these symptoms” was the recurring theme.

    And that’s when it all went down hill…
She was still throwing up by the time we got there. Whitish/milky substance. According to my google search it could be one of two things: her kidneys were shutting down or she had an intestinal blockage. They asked to sedate her to get an X-ray. With a litany of other tests (some of which would preclude others if you did them sequentially, though they prefer you sign off on all $560 at once. Instead I requested we start with the x-ray and work our way through the elimination process. If it was obvious it was a blockage, my thinking was I'd need ever dime for surgery (which they told me could run $1,000 - $2,000 with hospital stays averaging $800 a day).
Don't get me wrong. None of this matters when it's your baby. You'll rob a bank if you have to. Take out a second mortgage. But the problem runs deeper than that for me. Like so many who live with companions like Minks, she is my life…my child…my baby. And from the time she became my baby (from a rescue operation back in 2000) I promised her no more cages…no more crates. She was abused as a baby, then crammed in a crate with other dogs and left to die. It was a frightful situation when they found her. Certain things give her post trauma to this day: men's work boots (we're certain she was kicked) and being closed in a cage. The thought of leaving her overnight was out of the question. I'll be calling my farm vet if she requires an IV.

Bottom line: It was pretty apparent to me she has a blockage, but since I don't view X-rays for a living I'm gonna pray those dark spots are gas, though I fear that's a long shot. Right now she's sleeping deeply thanks to the meds they gave her for the night. She's got Boo and me beside her and Rosey at the door. For now we keep her comfortable. Tomorrow will bring new conversations and new decisions, so rest is vital though clearly I'm having trouble getting any. I will say, I'm deeply touched by the many FB posts, and utterly amazed at how much comfort they bring in times like these. No telling how many hearts have been healed by the kindness of friends and strangers alike who have lived the same pain... My heart is deeply moved, and grateful, and blessed. I just pray it makes it through the next few days as things promise to be intense. Will keep everyone posted. It helps that you care.

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