Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poop Happens (aka "The Inside Poop")

Ok...There are so many titles I could give this blog…and not at all to be irreverent, but the good news is,  this was not slated to be a good news blog… But God (and prayers) intervened...

            I woke up this morning, having checked on Minks no less than 6 times throughout the night, just to make sure the pain killer they shot her up with, didn’t take her out for good. (Suffice it to say, it was a deep night’s sleep for her; a light night’s sleep for me.)
            By morning (with yesterday’s ER prognosis “blockage”)…my job was before me…Doesn’t exactly make you wanna “leap” outta bed… I had a long day ahead.
I scooped her up, took her downstairs…and debated the whole “do we feed her anything at all?” (After all, it WAS a blockage.)
            But my girl was hungry. Having thrown up everything for the last 24, …I broke with typical morning ritual and took her outside, where I silently prayed: “God, give me strength this day…God give me a sign”
And God delivered. 
(i.e. Minsky POOPED!)
            (Ok. If Minks had a CLUE I was typing these words, she would curl up in shame, but she’s out like a light again tonight, only now, from having digested small portions of her food laced with mineral oil…which again, we consider an answer to prayer…)
But this brings up an interesting thing about life on the farm. Pooping is everything around here. It’s the number one tail/tale (tell/tale) sign when you live with critters. Everyone watches critter poop. It’s a way of life. (If only humans could take a note.)
            That Minka POOPED first thing this morning was the BEST gift she coulda given me (not that I wrapped it or anything). But it meant something was moving…”This too, shall pass” takes on a whole new meaning for me tonight.
            To be clear, the pain of yesterday’s X-ray was the unknown blockage. I personally believe it was a half-eaten “greenie” …(I’ve  googled the complaints…Sign me on for the class action lawsuit. Something definitely not natural in those “greenies”…and yes, I’d left one for Minks when I was out all day Saturday, and for this, I was processing much guilt.)
            But getting to the bottom of things (no pun intended) my goal…was to find answers. But more than this, my goal, was to see Minks feeling alive again…

             There are many more details to this story. But given I’m somewhere between exhaustion and awe-struck gratitude, I can only end this one saying THANK YOU to those who prayed. THANK YOU God …for the day I lived was not at all the one I thought I’d be living at the time I went to bed last night…We still have more tests to go…but for now, to hear Minks snoring…well, that's enough for me for now...

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